Why Going To The Bar With Your Girlfriend Is A Bad Idea

Going out with ‘the boys’ to drink is a custom engraved in the hearts of most men. Ugandan men can afford to miss major meals in a week, in the name of saving for drinks for Friday night kibaala. This is utterly okay because well, who doesn’t wanna have fun? But I’m here to warn you that it’s a bad idea to go to the bar with your girlfriend. Please don’t mind the tone I’m going to use in this blog so much; these things happened to me and/or some friends, so I learnt the hard way:

Your girlfriend will kill the fun

However wild your girlfriend might be, she will always want to be the only thing on your mind whenever there are immense distractions. Behind the good music, adrenaline-shooting drinks and attractive-as-hell girls, bae will want to be your only point of focus. But then again, the kibaala is a place to lose yourself; flirt, grind, steal kisses and even fondle random girls(of course this depends on your level of fidelity), just to please your heights and nothing more. I can reliably assure you that no serious girlfriend will let you do any of this.

You won’t get any time to chill with the guys.

See, your homeboys will be there for you always. After a week of many boring work hours, or lectures and tests for those at campus, they expect you to sit, drink, joke and reminisce on sweet memories with them. Bae won’t understand why the boys left you and her at the bar, just after two drinks, giving uncorroborated excuses. The truth is they detest the fact that she cannot let them chill with you for a while.

Youths In A Club

Your girl will be stolen.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to say that your girl is cheap or anything. But face facts! We are all human and crave greener pastures. Now don’t let your girl convince you that she will say no to Sudhir’s son when he comes hitting on her — she will most definitely fly like a G6😂😂😂

Yes this will happen irrespective of you going with her or not but come on, seeing another dude – a cool dude, come after your chic is intimidating. You rather hear but not see it.

By the way, someone on Twitter had something to say about this,

The Englishman said, “A word to a wise… ” I hope my advice made sense. Till then, good people.


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