Extreme Adventure: Conquering the Ropes and Living the Ninja Warrior Experience

Oworugambo on the Move


“I am never bungee jumping again or attempting any activity that will scare the hell out of me like that,” I swore to myself in December 2016 when I had gone to Jinja for a excursion.

But the buzz about the about ropes courses, ziplining and the variety of games at Extreme Adventure Park in Busika couldn’t allow me honour what I swore to self. Mans needed to get a feel.

The park, located in Busika, Luweero District is about one hour’s drive away from the capital Kampala and on a weekend (when traffic is not heavy) time taken on the road could be less.

It is located a few meters off Gayaza road, in the Motorsport Arena of Uganda within Busika village, about 40 kilometers from Kampala capital city.

“Don’t hold back; have as much fun as you possibly can,” said one of park’s administrators as she flagged us…

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What’s Cooking? A not-so-gentle reminder to African women on absconding from their duty

The issues raised notwithstanding, it is such a good read.

AfricanFeminism (AF)

I am sorry you’re behind the times. Can I bring you up to speed? Cooking is never a woman’s job. We train them to cook much as we train men like you to be misogynist, patriarchal, and sexist.”- @Bahiirwa. A twitter user had this response to tweet from one Ugandan man who thought of putting out a piece of advice to women on cooking and being modern.

Mathias Ssemanda, a self described blogger asked women to stop “abandoning” their duty of cooking.

Sexism on Ugandan twitter is common but so are the increasing number of young women’s voices and men who are ready to challenge the notion of gender roles like they were scribbled…

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