What’s Cooking? A not-so-gentle reminder to African women on absconding from their duty

The issues raised notwithstanding, it is such a good read.

AfricanFeminism (AF)

I am sorry you’re behind the times. Can I bring you up to speed? Cooking is never a woman’s job. We train them to cook much as we train men like you to be misogynist, patriarchal, and sexist.”- @Bahiirwa. A twitter user had this response to tweet from one Ugandan man who thought of putting out a piece of advice to women on cooking and being modern.

Mathias Ssemanda, a self described blogger asked women to stop “abandoning” their duty of cooking.

Sexism on Ugandan twitter is common but so are the increasing number of young women’s voices and men who are ready to challenge the notion of gender roles like they were scribbled…

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Why We Sing

​We sing:



because we are

encouraging fellowship,


because it’s the most prestigious

institution in our area of citizenship,



because victory motivates us to

traverse as gallants,


because we seek

to be knowledgeable as elites,


because we demand answers from

untouchable, fat-bellied policymakers.
We won’t sit

with lips locked in our mouths,

as extortionist lecturers

rape students;

undermining the decree.

We won’t sit

in lecture rooms last renovated

before Obote

attained his Bachelor’s degree.
We shall sing

as long as staff,

don’t want to provide services

our weak financial muscles pay for.

We shall sing

as long as finalists,

wait for centuries

to receive the marks they worked for.
We sing

because the same people that you respect,

invented these songs.

We sing

because we don’t understand,

why our peaceful demonstrations

are handled by people

meant to arrest big-headed generals.
So Afande,

as you stick that teargas canister

into my mouth,

Let my tears remind you,

of the sinister minister

who disgraced your worth.

As you shoot my chest

countless times,

Let this blood

gushing through my red gown remind you,

That the person that sent you

was once dressed in such a gown,

demanding these ludicrous policies to shut down!